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Dean (Cambridge Delta) 「ディーン」


  • Hi, Dean here!

    I’m from England and I grew up in a small town called Aylesbury, which is near the famous University city of Oxford. Most of my time in England though was spent living in Brighton, which is a small city on the south coast.

    I have been teaching English since 2010, I have worked in various schools in England and Japan. In 2012, I did a Post-graduate Diploma in teaching English and although this is a high level qualification I think teachers should never stop trying to develop. I believe students need to actively interact in the classroom practising new language while recycling previously studied language. I hope all my lessons achieve this.

    I have been interested in Japan for many years and had visited twice before settling here this year. I love going to new places in Japan and I have travelled from Kagoshima to Sapporo, stopping off along the way to try local food and drink. In my spare time, I love going to the cinema with my wife, Maki. I also enjoy scuba-diving and watching the very English game of cricket.

    Learning a language is like learning a musical instrument, you have to practice playing the instrument to improve. In the same way, you have to practice using the language in order to learn it.

    — Dean


  • はじめまして、ディーンです!