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Mark reviews Craft Beer Base Bud


Do you fancy a pint? Of course you do. Well, if you want a pint of good craft beer, head to Craft Beer Base Bud in Osaka Eki-mae Dai 1 building. It’s on the B2 level, not far from the entrance to the Yotsubashi line and the Cuba pachinko parlor.

地ビール クラフトビール 大阪

The bar is small, with space for about 25 people to sit or stand. It’s comfortable, though, especially if you get the seats at the back. It’s also a no-smoking environment and the background music is quiet enough for easy conversation. The young, friendly staff know quite a lot about craft beer and can help you choose from the eight different beers on tap. These are mostly American or Japanese ones, and new beers are introduced every few weeks. And, if you want some food to soak up all that beer, Bud also has a variety of light dishes. From previous experience, I can tell you that if you ask them to make the chicken wings spicy, they really do!

Even though it is a little hard to find, I would definitely recommend this bar as a place for a good pint and a chat with friends.

You can click here to visit the official website.